Seaside Service your partner in the port

The company


We have been working under different organisations for over 40 years within luggage and passenger service. At loactions and companies like Arlanda, Bromma, SJ, Viking Line, etc.


Nowadays we have two organisations one who is oriented towards providing service for cruise ships and cruise companies, Seaside Service. The other one is oriented towards Forkliftservice,transports and warehouseing Transfar AB.


Our head office is located in the Freeport of Stockholm but we provide our services through out Sweden.


We transport, distribute,deliver, store goods for companies, agencies, cruise lines and individuals.


We have our own fleet of lorries/trucks, forklifts and machinery. Moreover, we have good and trusted partners to help us during peak periods.


We participate actively in Stockholm Cruising Capital network together with the Port of Stockholm, CAA(Luftfartsverket), Stockholm Visitor Board and some 30 other organisations. The goal is to focus Stockholm internationally as an attractive and exciting destination for cruise travelers.



During the '70s and '80s, the company was increasingly focused on transportation. During the 90:th century, cruise ships increase in the Baltic Sea. Millions of passengers have since then arrived in Stockholm. We here at Seaside Service have served thousands of vessels to exchange passengers (Turn arounds), load food supplies off groceries (provition), delivered spare parts and other goods, moored and unmoored vessels at the Stockholm waterfront.


Obviously as we evolve at the same rate as today's society where the environmental awareness is becoming more important part of the future. We also carry this banner and work in an environmentally friendly manner.

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